Organic Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco

LEAF USED: Organic Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco

Our special hand rolled tobacco comes from  Organic Virginia Flue Cured Leaf which is one of the finest tobacco’s in the world. Flue cured tobacco is the most commonly used tobacco leaves in the industry, as it is a major component in cigarette blends for all the premium rolling tobacco!

Leaf Description :

The mild and sweet, Organic Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco will catch your attention in no time. This leaf is remarkable for its easy body, citrus aroma and deep coloring. This whole leaf tobacco is cured in closed barns in which closely regulated heating processes are conducted.
It has a beautiful bright orange color and a seductive aroma which makes our SAINT’S Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco distinct and loved by so many!
You can enjoy your smoke with peace of mind knowing that this leaf has never been handled by commercial processors, and was grown and handled totally ORGANICALLY!